The Energy industry is currently undergoing a fascinating evolution, characterized by a variety of resources and continuous investments in infrastructure. For years, Manpower has played a vital role as a trusted partner to the Energy sector, providing skilled professionals for every stage, including exploration, production, and distribution. Whether you require Operations & Logistics Technicians with industry expertise, Solar Electrical Engineers, or Installation Technicians, Manpower is dedicated to delivering experienced talent tailored to your specific needs.

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Do you require engineering professionals or solutions for your organization? Careers Alberta possesses the expertise and innovative resources necessary to propel your organization forward.

Job positions we assist in filling.

Here are six energy-related fields along with four position names for each field:

Renewable Energy:

  • Solar Energy Engineer
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Biomass Plant Operator
  • Energy Analyst

Oil and Gas:

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Drilling Supervisor
  • Pipeline Operator
  • Reservoir Geologist

Nuclear Energy:

  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Radiation Protection Technician
  • Reactor Operator
  • Nuclear Safety Analyst

Energy Efficiency and Conservation:

  • Energy Auditor
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Energy Management Specialist
  • Green Building Engineer

Electrical Power Systems:

  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Transmission Line Technician
  • Substation Operator
  • Control Room Operator

Energy Trading and Risk Management:

  • Energy Trader
  • Risk Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Energy Portfolio Manager
  • We work with over 14,000 small to mid-sized organizations annually to help them achieve their specific business objectives.
  • On average, we have 83,000 Manpower Associates on assignment every month.
  • We assist around 30,000 individuals in finding suitable employment opportunities.
We Engage and Listen

What are the pressing workforce challenges you face? What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)? What is the culture of your organization? What are your upcoming staffing requirements? Drawing upon our extensive experience, we ask the right questions to gain comprehensive knowledge, enabling us to expedite your goal achievement.

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We Provide Solutions

Now comes the exciting part. Utilizing the insights we have gathered, we recommend the most suitable course of action to help you attain your objectives. Our profound understanding of your industry and business, combined with intelligent data and streamlined processes, allows us to optimize the overall cost of your workforce.

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We Take Action

Subsequently, we deliver results. Attracting top talent, making the right hiring decisions, and ensuring employee retention are crucial factors in achieving outcomes. Our success is rooted in our exceptional recruiters, continuous upskilling of our workforce, and data-driven hiring decisions tailored to your needs.

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We Strive for Improvement

We are committed to ongoing learning and continuously seek ways to enhance our services. Through an ongoing Workforce Review, we leverage our market insights, thought leadership, and performance to refine our approach. Over time, we foster strong partnerships with you and your team, ensuring our ability to overcome any opportunities or challenges that arise.

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Do you require engineering professionals or solutions for your organization? Careers Alberta possesses the expertise and innovative resources necessary to propel your organization forward.

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